Launch of SH.SG - A Singapore based, full featured URL Shortener

Launch of SH.SG - A Singapore based, full featured URL Shortener


Launched in 2012, SH.SG went through multiple transformation and we are pleased to share that we have relaunched today with a lot more features! Why do you need a URL shortener? Need an explanation about the features that we have? Read on! 

Shortest domain name 🆓

we only 2 letters (excluding TLD), SH.SG is one of the shortest domain names you can get in Singapore. 


A Singapore based TLD provides more relevance when you are redirecting to a Singapore website. 

Custom Aliases 💰

Instead of, our paying users get to choose their own custom alias e.g. 

Link Expiration 🆓

You can set an expiration date to stop redirecting users. This is useful for time-sensitive pages such as promotions and other limited offers. 

Password Protection 🆓

Want to allow redirection only for authorised user? Want an extra layer of security? Password protection feature is available for everyone!

Geotargeting 💰

This option allows you 

Device Targeting 💰

Set conditions so that, for example, iPhone users get redirected to a specific link and Android users, another. You can use this to send iOS users to an Apple App Store link to your app and for Android users, to your Google Play Store app. 

Targeting Pixels 💰

Allows you to use Facebook Pixels 

Parameter Builder 💰

You can add custom parameters to the link above using this tool. Choose the parameter name and then assign a value. These will be added during redirection.


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